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Ross Fraser

Massage Therapist

Ross is a 3000hr RMT, and a Rapid NFR specialist. He has training in nerve flossing, acupressure, mobilization techniques, hot stone, cupping, and lymphatic drainage.
He began his career in manual therapy when his mother was diagnosed with spinal degeneration. Ross learned techniques to relieve her symptoms, and with the help of other therapists, was able to remove her pain. She was able to get back to her normal life with no symptoms or medication. After that, Ross started his education in manual therapy. He is still learning new things and taking new modalities years later.

Ross believes movement is the key to recovery. When a client has pain with range of motion, it can be incredibly hard to follow a recovery plan, or do physiotherapy. Utilizing Rapid NFR not only enhances the restoration of pain-free range of motion, but also facilitates the completion of exercises for enhanced strength and quicker recovery.

In addition, Ross practices muscle energy techniques, hot stone, and Swedish massage, for clients that are more sensitive to touch.

Ross has experience with; pelvic floor, TMJ, vestibular and ocular inflammation, sciatica, frozen shoulder, SI dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, and much more.

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