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Elevate Your Health, Empower Your Life – Experienced Physiotherapy Care at Physio Studio Health

Welcome to Physio Studio Health, where health meets one-on-one  personalized care to your unique needs. Our dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals is committed to providing comprehensive physiotherapy services that promote healing, restore mobility, and enhance overall well-being. From physiotherapy and massage therapy to treatments like vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management, pelvic floor rehab, etc. we offer a holistic approach to address a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with modern amenities, ensuring that you receive the high quality care in a comfortable environment.

Schedule an appointment with us today and experience the difference that an individualized care can make in your wellness journey.

Why Choose Us

Choose us for physiotherapy excellence, where experience meets empathy.

Our dedicated team is committed to your well-being, offering personalized care that empowers you on your journey to optimal health. Experience the transformative difference of our advanced treatments, cutting-edge technology, and compassionate approach – because your wellness is our priority."

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Meet Our Founders

Varun Grover/Anant Grewal

The Dynamic Duo of Wellness: Varun Grover (PT) and Anant Simran Grewal (PT)

United by a shared vision of empowering individuals to live their best lives, Varun and Anant have embarked on an exciting new chapter in their careers. With a wealth of experience and a passion for holistic wellness, they have opened their own state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic, The Physio Studio Health and Wellness Centre.

The Physio Studio is not just a clinic; it’s a haven where experience meets compassion, and patients are guided on a journey to complete well-being. Driven by their commitment to excellence, Varun and Anant are set to make a lasting impact on the lives of those seeking personalized, top-tier physiotherapy care.

Join them on this extraordinary adventure, where the power of healing and the art of well-being come together under the expert guidance of Varun and Anant. Together, they invite you to experience a harmonious blend of care, expertise, and transformative rehabilitation at The Physio Studio.

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who I am

Anant Simran K. Grewal

    BPT, FDN Registered Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Certified in Postpartum        Corrective Exercises (PCES)

     With a distinguished background as a registered physiotherapist in both Ontario and                   Alberta,       Anant Simran K. Grewal brings over 12 years of comprehensive expertise to her practice.                Specializing in treating individuals of all ages and fitness levels, Anant is a dedicated professional committed to advancing the field of physiotherapy.

Anant holds certifications in Mulligan’s Concept of Manual Therapy, Neurodevelopmental Techniques, K-tape Pro, Functional Dry Needling (IMS), Pessary Fitting and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. Her recent focus on women’s health underscores her commitment to staying at the forefront of specialized care.

A firm believer in enhancing each treatment session, Anant employs a creative and individually tailored care plan to facilitate patients’ recovery. Fluent in four languages, she strives to create an inclusive and supportive environment for her diverse clientele.

Energetic and passionate about her work, Anant derives immense satisfaction from aiding individuals on their journey to recovery. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds solace and inspiration in reading, painting, swimming, travel, and quality time spent with her family. Anant’s multifaceted approach to life reflects her commitment to holistic well-being and continuous personal and professional development.

who I am



Physiotherapist | Master of Exercise Physiology

Varun is a highly qualified and dedicated professional in the field of physiotherapy, having completed his education at GGSIP University and earned a Master of Exercise Physiology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. With a strong academic foundation, Varun has further honed his expertise through specialized training and certifications in various modalities, including K-tape (sports taping), the McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis therapy for the lumbar spine, spinal manipulation therapy, and functional dry needling.

Having practiced as a registered physiotherapist in both Ontario and Alberta, Varun possesses a wealth of experience and proficiency in addressing a diverse range of clinical conditions. His clinical interests encompass orthopedic injuries, arthritis, geriatric and concussion rehabilitation, as well as sports, gym/work-out injuries, and day-to-day postural and repetitive stress injuries.

Varun is committed to staying at the forefront of his field, consistently upgrading his clinical skills and knowledge to ensure the delivery of the highest quality care. His treatment philosophy revolves around one-on-one, hands-on manual therapy, underpinned by an active rehabilitation model for robust and sustainable recovery.

Recognizing the importance of individualized care, Varun adds significant value to each treatment session by employing an evidence-based approach. He integrates graded exercises, self-management techniques, and targeted education, fostering long-term health and empowering his clients to actively participate in their recovery.

Energetic and passionate about his profession, Varun derives immense satisfaction from helping individuals navigate their journey towards recovery. His dedication to providing personalized and evidence-based care reflects his commitment to the well-being and long-term health of his clients.

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About Our Clinic

Embrace Tranquility: Elevating Your Clinic Experience with Comfort and Care

Entering our clinic is more than a step into a healing space; it's an embrace of comfort and tranquility. From the soothing ambiance to our caring staff, we've crafted an environment where every element is designed to put you at ease and the welcoming reception create an atmosphere that instantly dissolves stress.

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