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Functional Dry Needling/IMS

At Physio Studio Health, we provide you with a wide range of innovative treatment approaches, including Functional Dry Needling. This minimally invasive technique aims to cure the neuromuscular dysfunction and dissolve the pain and distress that is the cause of our approach to musculoskeletal diseases being a comprehensive one.

In Functional Dry Needling, tiny monofilament needles are inserted into particular trigger points inside muscles, tendons, or connective tissues. At Physio Studio Health our expert practitioners utilize this method to pull the best results alongside other traditional therapies such as physical rehab and manual therapy.

Benefit of Therapy

Regardless of whether you have long-lasting pain, muscle tightness, or a sports-related injury, your treatment plan at Physio Studio Health can contain Dry Functional Needling nearby.

  • Pain Relief: The procedure known as Functional Dry Needling aims to work with trigger points in muscles ultimately releasing tension and promoting relaxation to get rid of pain.

  • Improved Range of Motion: Improving the flexibility and mobility range is a necessary task for the recovery period. Functional Dry Needling is a technique that locates and treats the areas of muscular tightness, which improves muscle function and efficiency.

  • Enhanced Blood Flow: Stimulating the flow of blood into the damaged areas is a primary step in the healing process. Functional Dry Needling is a process that helps to deliver oxygen and nutritious substances to facilitate the healing of tissues faster.

  • Muscle Function Optimization: Activating specific trigger points, whether they are overstretched, overactive, or tight, Functional Dry Needling aims to release muscle tension, minimize imbalances and, in the process, improve overall muscular health.

Why Choose Us

  • Expert Practitioners in Functional Dry Needling

    Go for the service of Functional Dry Needling in Calgary at Physio Studio Health, and bring your body back to health with the practical knowledge of our expert practitioners. The practice of the team specialized in the precise application of this cutting-edge therapy facilitates top-quality aesthetic care.

  • Integrated Approach to Musculoskeletal Health

    Select us as the number one Functional Dry Needling clinic nearby because we use this technology as an integral part of our musculoskeletal treatment regimen. It is not important whether you are affected by a sports injury, chronic pain, or muscular tightness our practitioners can use Functional Dry Needling as a complementary therapy.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    Though the musculoskeletal concerns of each person are different, we see them at Physio Studio Health. Dry needling requires precise positioning of the needles to treat the trigger points. Our providers conduct a robust assessment and personalize the application of the treatment for your necessity.

  • Commitment to Your Comfort and Well-being

    We try to provide an environment here that soothes you, so you also feel comfortable during your sessions. Such commitments are not only limited to the procedures performed; we also are dedicated to making sure that you are always informed, supported, and empowered on your path to Healthy activity through Functional Dry Needling at Physio Studio Health in Calgary.

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